As some of you know, I really enjoy being on my bikes, I also like to work with metal.  In fact that was a huge part of why we bought this house…Jessica liked the house, and it has a man cave directly behind it.  See…man cave.

Big thanks to my Sister for the sign.

If you have been privileged enough to be let inside…you know it’s always a good time in the man cave.  I haven’t spent a whole lot of time out there since I’ve taken up riding my bike.  Actually the only time I’ve spent out there was rebuilding the engine for our Bravada, and that wasn’t much fun.  I was thinking of gift ideas for Bob Jenkins, our first comment ever on this blog, and then I actually remembered something that I saw on a while back.  It was a bottle opener made from a rear cassette.  I recently swapped my old trek from 7 speed to a “new” 8 speed drive train, and happened to have no use for the old 7 speed.  After a few minutes of disassembling, cutting, drilling holes and cleaning up…here is what I have.  Bob, you can take you pick… original or clean and shiny.

The only clean corner of my welding table

7 thoughts on “Recycling

    • That didn’t sound dirty at all. You can come on over…open my big wide door, hop in and have your way in my man cave anytime. There is crap sitting everywhere, the floor is dirty, there is a bathroom with no running water, but it does have an industrial air compressor in it, and I’m pretty sure there are multiple dead mice in the attic. It’s perfect.

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