Aaron’s thoughts on the paleo diet

It’s no secret to anyone around me that I love to eat animals.  Unlike most meat eating humans, I also eat organs, skin, fat and some stuff that I’m not sure has a name.  I also love veggies, and when you combine the two and eat mostly that…you have what’s called a Paleolithic diet.  It’s nothing new, in fact it’s really old school…but most of you that have seen or heard of it think it’s down right insane.  We would certainly die without bread and pasta, right?  Not so much…this is how the mankind thrived for millions of years.  There are also thousands and thousands of modern people out there that have stopped eating wheat and other grains, and still lived to tell the story, myself being one of them.  I stopped eating grains (mostly) around the first of this year.  Within weeks I noticed that   1. I was loosing weight which wasn’t my purpose for the switch and 2. My stomach was finally happy with what I was eating.  Lets face it, those who really are in the know… my stomach has always been…unhappy.

I noticed other things changing too, after the initial weight loss, it stayed off very easily, and I can work out for hours if I want to without refueling.  In fact sometimes refueling causes my energy levels to drop significantly.

There is a whole other part to the Paleo world, that is your lifestyle changes.  Sleep and/or rest more.  Don’t work out as much.  You won’t need to push yourself so hard in the gym everyday because you ate too many calories (I haven’t counted a calorie for months).

So…whats Primal eating?  A Primal diet was introduced to the masses by Mark Sisson, one of the greatest authors on diet, nutrition and exercise.  The guy is in his 50’s and is ripped (no homo), go check out his page www.marksdailyapple.com.  Basically Primal is the high fat version of Paleo, which is more what I’m following in my own diet.

Now after 9 months I can finally say…I will to stick with this lifestyle forever.

There is tons of science and facts regarding why I feel better eating this way, but if I go into that, I will surely mess something up, so I will leave that to the experts on the subject.  All I can tell you is that if you try this for 30 days, I doubt you ever go back to a standard American diet.

Check out some links that I find very helpful, and check back often, as I will be logging my findings here so I can keep track of them.  And please, if you find something that we might find interesting…feel free to share.






8 thoughts on “Aaron’s thoughts on the paleo diet

    • Well…glad you asked. There are lots of ways to tailor the paleo diet to your own liking, but I’m a simple eater so I’m not very picky. I usually prepare my meats in 1 of 3 ways: 1. a roast in a pressure cooker/crock pot 2. Cast iron skillet/oven 3. grill it. I can also throw some veggies on the side of each of these. If I sear some chops in the skillet in bacon fat, I’ll 1/4 some brussel sprouts and toss them in there too, they are very tasty in bacon fat (just ask my wife and 4 year old daughter). Everyone has cooked a roast so I don’t need to explain.

      To answer your first question…it depends on what I’m doing, or planning to do. When I’m riding or lifting a lot, I eat considerable more food. Typically, If I cook breakfast, it is bacon and eggs. There is just something magical about the pair that leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. As you know Bob, I like egg scrambles too…so I might I throw in a few handfulls of spinach, some bacon, eggs, and if I’m lucky enough, some yummy tomatoes. If I don’t have time to cook, I’ll eat left over meat from the night before, and a banana, apple, pear or whatever kind of fruit I have and maybe a handful of salad greens, and sometimes a glass of milk, but always coffee.

      For lunch, my meal is very similar….meat, sweet potato, maybe some fruit or a handful of nuts, sometimes a salad. Now….some meals I go meatless…I know…weird, but I do have meatless salads once in a while, usually cause there is nothing cooked and I don’t have time or just being lazy.

      For dinner…meat, some squash, and maybe some greens. My plant intake is high usually, but carb intake is low unless I’m riding or lifting a bunch. Then I tend to crave more carbs, for which I will eat fresh fruit, dried fruit, rice, or rice/gluten free bread.

      I mix it up too, I don’t eat the same thing everyday, but along the same line. Meat, plants, nuts and seeds, thats about it.

      If during the day I feel like a snack. A handfull of dates and almonds usually does the trick. But I do love some dark chocolate, 85-90% is best. I mix it up too, I don’t eat the same thing everyday, but along the same line. Meat, plants, nuts and seeds, that is what it’s about.

      If we go out to eat, I will do my favorite mexican place and get the Arroz con Pollo; or hit up the best sushi place ever…Love Sushi; or a steak; or a burger sans bun. Flat branch in COMO has a paleo platter that I haven’t tried cause I can’t get over the bangers and mash.

      I have had a few relapses, usually centered around some sort of cake or pastry. I don’t binge too bad, but a Bavarian cream filled donut is really damn good if you haven’t had one in a year. My relapses are far enough apart that I don’t feel bad about them, just keep them to a minimum and it will be ok. “We aren’t what we do today…we are what we do consistently” – Jack Lalanne.

      One last note…foods that I never thought I would like, are my favorite things now. I have a fairly regular intake of brussel sprouts, rutabegas, kale, seaweed and many more! You just have to have an open mind to new things or retry things you think you don’t like.

      I hope I didn’t make this too long….I could really type all day about it. Have any more Q’s just ask.

      • You threw me for a loop with the bacon and eggs thing. I think I can handle a diet like that.

        So, I gather you’re not really your intake so much as you’re cutting out bread and whatnot. (?)

        Where does one draw the line between potatoes and french fries? Along those same lines, I love cauliflower, but I like it a lot more when it’s been fried and dipped in ranch dressing. I’ve even read recipes where they use crushed pork rinds for pizza crusts.

        I realize that probably sounds ridiculous, but at a svelte 260 pounds I’ve got a bit of a talent for rationailizing my dietary indiscretions.

        One last thing: I assume since grains are used to make beer, the Paleolithic diet doesn’t permit beer drinking?

  1. One of the greatest rewards of switching to a paleo diet is not having to be neurotic about counting calories. In fact, I counted my daily calories once since I started this plan, and that was purely out of curiosity (it was in the 3000 calorie range with quite a bit of fat). I do count carbs when I’m loading up, but that is for a totally different reason.

    The pork rind pizza crust sounds awesome…I’m definitely going to try that. I love pork rinds, and they are perfectly fine in a paleo diet, depending on how they are cooked. I’ve made cracklins before when I rendered cooking fat. They turned out really tasty.

    Potatoes are marginally acceptable maybe while carb loading or something. I stick with sweet potatoes, yams, squash and rice, fruit and honey for carbing up.

    Fried food itself is not the enemy, it’s the oil that the food is fried in. I regularly cook eggs, veggies, and meats in coconut oil, bacon fat, beef tallow or real lard (not the nasty stuff in the white bucket in the store). Canola, peanut, vegetable, and whatever other oils found in the store are all a no go on the paloe diet. With olive oil quality is king, but it’s perfectly fine.

    Beer consumption is a HUGE topic of discussion in the paleo world. Yes it is made using grains so it contains gluten, unless you buy the sorghum beer for $10 a 4pack. Yes it has healthy reasons to drink it as well. Yes it makes you happy as hell and makes everyone around you more attractive. Personally, I absolutely love a beer dark enough to block out the sun, but it messes with my belly so I don’t drink it. I have drank a few different hard ciders (not wine coolers) without any issues (other than making me silly) and I’m always up for a paleo margarita.

    The other interesting thing about a paleo diet is that it is recommended that you go really strict for 30 days and see you it works for you. After that, you can play around with adding things in and see how it effects you. After the 30 days, you will be a believer.

  2. Do you eat cheese and other dairy products. And do you eat beans? I’ve been following mostly a paleo diet for awhile now (on and off of course). I love it and think it’s the way to go as well.

    Also, when you eat rice, is it only for carbing up since it’s a grain? Or do you just eat it in moderation?

    • I don’t stress too much about dairy…I really like whole milk so I drink some organic whole milk once in a while. Cheese I’m not too big on anyway, but I do like yogurt, so I’ll eat that sometimes. I did try a dairy up phase to see if I could gain some muscle mass while lifting heavy, I didn’t see too much difference but I did gain 10 pounds while doing it. I don’t do beans…but according to the Westin price foundation, if you soak them properly they aren’t a problem.
      I’ve listened to almost all the podcasts from Robb Wolf, and they have a sort of scale of 1-10 for grains, giving wheat a 9.9 being the worst thing to put into your body right under gasoline and bleach. Rice is supposedly a 1 or 2. It really doesn’t have any gluten content, and as long as it’s white rice, it doesn’t have any other gut irritating properties. That being said I usually eat it only when we go out for mexican or I’m carb loading, I hardly ever make it at home. My wife eats oatmeal once in a while and does fine on that too. I would say any type of food like that in moderation are not going to be a big deal. After the 30 day strict, you’re belly will feel so much better that when you start to mess around with other stuff like dairy and benign grains, if it’s a problem for you’re gut you will know it almost instantly.

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