Time off Training and big news for Team TOG

Everybody likes time off…at least I do.  There is nothing better than working your tail off to have a day of rest.  Whether it is a single recovery day…or rotating weeks of intense effort with basically a week off for recovery. That’s all fine…but I don’t really train hard enough to need a week off.  Today I’m talking about quite the opposite actually.

Monday, I got a message on Facebook from David B. that he might be in town Tuesday, and wanted to ride some gravel.  My first instinct was to summon the troops and prepare a group ride.  Well..that failed.  Since it was short notice, a Tuesday  and I a limited database of riding friends…it was just going to be Dave and me.   Dave said he would be in town about noon, which wouldn’t give me much time before work to ride.  I decided the weather was too nice, and I’d been training by myself for way too long.  I made the call and took the day off from work to get in a much needed ride with another human being.  Dave’s prerequisite was for a 30-40 mile ride with some hills to give him a sense of where he’s at for The Ogre race coming up in a few weeks.

We kicked off the ride about a 1/4 till 3…wait…not even the Virtus guys are this late to the ride.  But it wasn’t Dave’s fault, so he says.  I took off from the house to meet him at the Katy Trail in JC, and when I arrived, I thought he had started without me.


It turns out this wasn’t Dave…because Dave was waiting for me at the commuter lot about 1/2 mile away.  Finally we met up and took out,  proceeding to the Katy Trail which was perfect!  We made pretty good time around Boone and Callaway counties via gravel roads and a little pavement.   At about 4:30 we decided it was in our best interest to head back towards home base to give me around 38 miles, and Dave around 34.  After stopping at Bob’s house and peeing on his carpet, we stopped at my neighborhood break time so I could get a beverage.



Monster coffee beverages are a growing favorite of my riding friends and I for cycling fuel, and they taste pretty monsterific.  If Monster wouldn’t have that 4 hour time limit between Monsters printed on the can, I would probably fuel the entire ride with mocha, Kona or mean bean flavors.

We set back to the car through the middle of downtown Holts Summit.  The rush hour traffic was terrible, at times there were  probably 2-3 cars at the same time!  We were white knuckled the whole way.  It was bad enough that we sprinted our way through…dodging cars for our lives and buzzing about 20-24 mph (a fantastic pace for me, but I was hopped up on caffeine and 400 calories of other stuff that makes me feel faster).  Dave on the other hand was on my wheel the whole time…like he wasn’t even trying.  Until we got here…this hill will blow up anyone’s heart rate.


Heart attack hill

Yeah…it doesn’t look like much…but this is the finish line to what seems like a vertical climb.  I know..Garmin only says avg grade of 12%, but it feels like you are climbing a wall.  I love this hill.


what a fantastic view….sorry Dave…I’m not talking about you.


Thats the view I was talking about


Gotta have at least one bike shot…..I hear it’s all the rage in blogging these days.

So as our heart rates came down…so did we…in about 3 seconds.  That hill takes a good 5-10 minutes to climb (I’ve never timed myself before…but I will now), and about 3-4 seconds to descend…it’s a blast.

On the way back home I thought about some things…I thought about riding…the team…life.  After a few text messages and a unanimous vote…the offer was accepted from Dave to become the 4th member of The Other Guys.  That’s right folks…Dave Beattie is the newest member of the most mediocre racing team around…and we’re glad to have him!  On a side note Dave has offered his first born to pay his membership dues…so we’ll start the bidding at $50.  Hey…a website this free doesn’t come cheap…and since our sponsors are broke…gotta do what we gotta do.

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