Just babbling

Seems like the rainy days are mostly gone…summer is creeping in…time to RIDE!  Get out there and have fun, explore new trails…shred old ones.

Today’s venue was Pine Ridge campground for the first time this season.  Someone has done their share of work out there and re-routed some trails due to new fences.  The horse invasion was at a minimum, and there were almost no ticks.  Of course by no ticks I mean I had to stop every 5 minutes to peel 4 or 5 off my leg.  As I was riding along, I realized I always think I’ll go out and clear trail obstacles, but I never really do.   So today I tried.  I got off my bike several times to try and clear downed trees, but it just wasn’t happening.   Thats where teamwork comes in handy, but I was alone aside from those crazy little squirrels scurrying about.

I know there are groups who take care of these trails, but it seems that I’m never available on the days they organize.  Maybe, just maybe the next time I need to sweat out some toxins and I’ve already prancercised that week, I’ll grab the chainsaw and try to clear what I can somewhere.

That brings me to my next topic…Pine Ridge could be stand on it’s own as one of the best trails around.  Not to be a horse hater, but they really do mess things up.   I’m guessing thats why it’s not one of the more popular places to ride.  I certainly don’t enjoy looking down to see horse droppings in my path or having the trail destroyed by horseback riders who can’t figure out when it’s too wet to go out.  Don’t get me wrong, there are mountain bikers who do the same thing…sometimes on accident..sometimes not.

Next topic… The man cave is going through some changes.  What once was a hardcore metal shop where no women or children were safe to enter…is now going to be fun and friendly to all.

Bike service area, weight room, bouldering wall and hopefully clean floors will be the new scenery instead of metal, tools, dirt and dust.  There will also be a nice beverage cooler, and hopefully some super comfy seating available to chill out to the music of the day.  Those of you who will be lucky enough to hang out…I know you are excited.

Topic three….I still have a bunch of work to do on my own piece of singletrack…scouting, ground work, clearing, cutting, building of ramps into the pond, etc.  If anyone wants to come out and have some fun building trails…you could possibly be rewarded with adult beverages and something to  eat.

A few pics from today’s ride.



that tree might take a while to cut


Nevvins homestead


is this Cedar Creek?

6 thoughts on “Just babbling

  1. Proud to say I visited the man cave before the remodel.

    Looks like a great day on the trails! I have a hard time making it to GORC’s work days, but the times I have have been a blast.

  2. Yes Kate…you are one of the few that have rocked high heel boots in the man cave. I’ve also decided, since you are the lone commenter these days…you get a free awesome bottle opener made by me. That is if I haven’t given you one yet.

  3. I do believe that’s Dry Fork Creek, just on the south side of County road 363.

    You don’t wanna get me started on equestrian trail use.
    The Cedar Creek trail has more ridgetop views, bouldering sites and awesome potential than people will ever know. I can show you stuff out there that will blow your mind. Guaranteed.

    The sad fact is that you can go out there and work for hours, days…however long you want, and five minutes later someone on a horse walks through with 5 or 6 of his horse-riding friends and all of your work will have been for nothing.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cleared trails on a Saturday, then gone out there to ride on a Sunday and it’s all been destroyed.
    If you take a drive through the surrounding areas you’ll find that most of those people own and ride horses. Most of the riders I meet out there are really nice people, so that makes it hard to hate them.

    I do anyway.

    • I checked the map after I wrote this, you’re right it was dry fork creek. I have no doubt you could blow my mind….I’ve seen you in see-through cycling shorts, a gold speedo, and jean short underwear.

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