This Post is Filler.

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately. Not for lack of adventures, just for lack of chronicling. I haven’t had any big events or epic-ness lately, but Dave and Aaron have. I didn’t witness either of their events, but I will tell you all about them…

Truth: Dave tackles 180-miles of Nebraska gravel at Odin’s Revenge. Unsupported (as in, he drove out there by himself with no support crew).

Probable: Fueled only by Peanut Butter M&M’s and Sierra Mist.

How it most likely went down: So just a few weeks after Dirty Kanza, when most riders are still giving their bikes dirty looks and cringing with the thought of sitting on the saddle, Dave ventures out to Nebraska to lay down another 180 miles. Now, facing that distance takes some nards, but going out there with zero support and no one to bail you out if things go horribly wrong is awesome. That alone makes up for Dave’s lack of a beard. I heard that he averaged 38mph on this ride and when he sheared off his crank arms with raw leg power, he saddled local wildlife to finish the ride. Here is a pic from the second leg after the beer and doughnut stop.

The course was riddled with Nazis

The course was riddled with Nazis

This didn’t happen you say? HA! You weren’t even there, so how would you know? After finishing first, but being disqualified from the podium for using a non-UCI compliant squirrel, he promptly smashed his finisher’s glass at his feet and slammed a Sierra Mist.

Great ride Dave.

Truth: Aaron willingly set his bike aside and RAN (with his feet and legs) a half-marathon. 

Probable: I’m pretty sure he didn’t train for this and wasn’t warmed up until mile 12.

How it most likely went down: Aaron ran the Roots ‘n Blues BBQ Festival Half Marathon with his Aunt. Half marathon you ask? Why would he only do half? He did the last half, which everyone knows is the hardest. That still wasn’t tough enough for him, so he ran it in cast iron chastity belt and stripper heels.


This looks like some Team Virtus bet.

He finished the run in around 20 minutes, ate a can of Unicorn Meat and swore never to travel more than 50 yards on foot again.

Oh, he also did this sissy little thing call the Tough Mudder. The string obstacle almost did him in.

That looks pretty tough

That looks pretty tough

I’m not sure what Justin has been getting into. But I’m pretty sure it’s something like this.



Or maybe this…

Scouting new gravel routes

Scouting new gravel routes

Stay tuned. We actually do have a road (gasp) century coming up that I’m sure will keep all 3 readers on the edges of their seats. Hi Mom!

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