Gravel, Bikes, and Bars Report

Every now and again, the right people get together at the right time to do the right thing, and a great time is had by all. Well the stars recently aligned for such an event at the Gravel, Bikes, and Bars ride last week. Hosted by Schrock Bikes & Brews in Mexico, MO, the ride was planned as a casual 25 mile gravel ride followed by some bar time and a camp fire. Here are some notable points on the evening…

-12 riders braved the Mexican landscape from such esteemed organizations as the Dirty Dog Race Pack, Team Virtus, Walts, and Oz Cycles, and of course Team TOG.

-The route started by rolling us through a stockyard, past one confirmed peacock, 2 vocal goats, and at least 1 giant chicken. The scent masked various smells that would be discovered later in the ride.

-Our gracious host scheduled 2 beer drops (on the 25 mile loop) to safeguard against dehydration and warm up the livers for what awaited.


-After 25+ miles of social gravelluering with minimal phallic measuring, we rolled into downtown Mexico, MO under cover of darkness. Now, most bars on a Saturday night may not be expecting 12 sweaty men in spandex, and the one we stepped into was no exception. They quickly learned that cyclists of such a high pedigree have an insatiable thirst for fine shots and cheap beer, as we proceeded to drink all of their Jamison and canned Milwaukee’s Best. Seriously, we drank all they had.


-Many shenanigans and tomfoolery abounded. Several games of corn hole were played (that’s how they roll in old Mexico) and many local bar flies were impressed.

-After draining the bar of supplies, Bob stuffed Don’s helmet down the front of his shorts for good measure and we made a couple of hot laps around the town square, earning some stern looks from the local law. Barry apparently rode straight into a giant cable holding up a light post, but was too inebriated to register the pain and soldiered on.

-Rolling back to Schrock HQ, several of us were drawn to the taunting lights of Sonic and forced to consume breakfast burritos. We also learned of an old statute on the Mexico books that states any female driver under the age of 27 must drive a Chevy Cobalt.

-We rolled back to base camp to tell tall tales around the fire. More beverages were consumed and many feats of skill and endurance were performed.

Photo Credit: Amanda Schrock

Photo Credit: Amanda Schrock

It really was an awesome ride and a good break from solo training rides or trainer time. A big thank you goes out to Josh Schrock for organizing and hosting, and to his family for putting up with our crap.

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