A Call to Arms

Hello loyal reader! You may have thought you were rid of ol’ Team TOG, but alas, we linger on. We’re coming out of winter hibernation with a hunger for gravel and mud. Though there have been few fun outings that never quite made it here into the TOG Chronicles, it’s been fairly low key. So, this is your official warning that we will be at it once again. We’re planning on lots of mediocre performances and back of the pack results this year to uphold our standard of excellence. Prepare yourself to feel about the same level of inspiration as an office poster.


If you’ve managed the mental stamina to read this far, you may be just what we are looking for! That’s right, we’re looking to expand our team and you may be just the part time athlete we need! Now before you get super pumped and get a TOG tattoo on your neck, you may want to go back and read some of our race reports to see what we’re all about. Here are a few insights…

We believe that fun is better than fast, which is good, because we’re not fast. We believe that a shot of wiskey 5 miles into a 60 mile ride is a good idea. We generally look lumpy and round in spandex (except Aaron, aka Mr. Show Off) but don’t give a damn. We embrace terrible ideas knowing the story on the backside is worth a bit of suffering. We take our selves very seriously, except for when we don’t; which is all the time.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, shoot us a message or comment below. We’ll get together for a ride, tell dirty jokes, and make fun of ourselves.


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